De la fuente reveals reason for cutting Pedri-Balde.

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Luis de la Fuente explains why Pedro Gonzalez, López Pedri and Alejandro Balde were not included in the latest batch of Spanish football players.

Luis de la Fuente, the coach of the Spanish national team. Explains the reason for not calling up Pedro Gonzalez, López Pedri and Alejandro Balde, two Barcelona players, are among the latest players to meet. with Cyprus and Georgia in the Euro 2024 qualifying round due to the players’ physical condition being incomplete. ทางเข้า UFABET According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Friday.

Pedri has just recovered from a thigh muscle injury since the end of August and has only returned to play as a substitute in the last two games against Real Sociedad and Shakhtar Donetsk, while Val. Their form has dropped recently, causing both of them to not be named in the latest Bulls team.

‘Pedri is no longer injured. He is playing with his team. I talk to the players when they are injured. in difficult times I try to be close to them. When they play I usually don’t talk.’

‘We value the health of our players. He comes from a long injury history. And we know each other very well. He’s a super-class player when he gets better. The national team’s doors will be open to welcome him.’

The 62-year-old trainer also spoke about Balde, who was not included in the latest call-up: ‘Alejandro is just another player. I encourage him to continue working even more. Because he is good at Spanish football’