Noel Le Grat FIFA cuts Russia out of World Cup.

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French football federation president Noel Le Grat has called on FIFA to disqualify Russia from the World Cup in the European play-offs.

Russia is in a dispute with Ukraine after Vladimir Putin sent his troops into Ukraine for an occupation. As a result, In the past the whole world is watching and many sectors have come out condemning and disagreeing with Russia’s actions.

Most recently, it was Noel Le Grat as the AFL president. Who insisted that he would like the International Football Federation (FIFA) to punish the UFABET Atletico team for such cases.

“I’m leaning towards the idea of ​​cutting Russia out of the next World Cup. This is what I thought the first time I saw the incident. Usually I believe that sport is what makes people reconcile and relieve stress. But this goes a lot further than. Including in the sports world especially in the football world unable to remain neutral. Of course, I wouldn’t resist if the Russian name was cut off.”

Noel Le Grat also revealed that France will up hold the resolution of Sweden. The Czech Republic and Poland with the trio expressing their intention. Not to send their teams to face Russia in the World Cup play-off zone Europe next month.

“It’s simple. You don’t have to think for a long time. we won’t go there in the factors that occur according to this behavior How are we going to play football in a country like this?”

Over the past week, France’s sporting minister, Roshana Marasinianu, has urged the French sport to refuse to send teams or individuals and representatives to Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

FIFA does not have severe penalties, only ordering Russia to play on behalf of the footballing organisation. without the flag and national anthem