Rio Ferdinand reinforces Maguire to fix the speed of 1-on-1 duels.

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has urged younger Harry Maguire to hurry up. And improve his weaknesses in his slow pace as it will become an oilfield for opposing forwards to run faster.

Maguire was bought from Leicester for £ 80 million in 2019 , but played below the price tag. Plus, the style is incomparable to those of other big defensive teams who can push the line high, helping to squeeze the upper court area when pressing against opponents. Even if he was countered, he could still run with speed down to solve the situation.

Opposite the 28 – year-old star player UFABET who is slow as a turtle bites the wheel. So it begs the big question: How will United win the league with this centre-back ? 

Opening the mouth through the channel ‘ Youtube Five ‘

“ Having Maguire in the squad will make you the Champions League ? The point is what Ralph Rangnick and other big teams now do is want to dominate the game. And press against their opponents. and then snatch the ball from the top of the border ” 

“ To do that you need a defender that pushes high in the middle of the pitch. Able to deal with a 1 – on -1, 2- on – 2 or 3 – on – 2 duel situation if they want to guarantee safety. ”

“ But if able to cope with a 1-on-1, 2-on-2 duel situation , it will add more players in the opponent’s territory. That’s why teams want to compete for the ball from the top half. and close the opponent’s chance to score a goal. ”

“ Liverpool did that really well , Man City was brilliant , Bayern Munich too – those are the three clubs that do the best in the world of football and Rangnick will shape the team. that “

“ Then Maguire  has , can it be enough ? That’s the problem. The problem was also important because his speed didn’t allow that. He is often the target of attack. ”

“ If I was a quick striker or an attacking attacker, I would sit and burn Harry Maguire all day . ”

“ Big defenders The elite can win all the 1-v-1 duels, like Jaap Stam , you can leave him alone in the middle of the pitch, no problem , and so does Virgil van Dijk . ” Rio Ferdinand

United have been linked with several defenders on the summer shortlist. But have to wait for the clarity of the new team manager first.