UFA urgently discusses Russian football sanctions.

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European football federation has call an urgent meeting late Monday to discuss Russian football penalties from the case. That the leaders of the Russian Federation order troops to invade Ukraine.

According to Spanish publication Marca. The UFA executives convene an urgent meeting at 7:00 p.m. local time on Monday. To discuss Russian sanctions over Russian forces invasion of Ukraine.

The report UFABET said. The committee would consider the possibility of cutting Spartak Moscow from the Europa League round of 16 (against RB Leipzig). As well as the Russian national team up to 21 years. Who may be remove from the qualifying round for the European Championship.

In addition, the report further revealed that UEFA will consider the status of Russian football clubs. Whether to participate in the tournaments organized by UEFA in the 2022-23 season. As the political situation is currently erupting. And there is no sign that Vladimir Putin, Russian leader to withdraw from Ukraine.

Concluding with considerations on the marketing cooperation between UFA and Gasprom. That may be discussed to terminate the contract.

The request has created an awkward situation for FIFA. The organization had broken precedent. When it moved to punish Russia for its actions in Ukraine. Including barring Russia’s national team from qualifying matches for this year’s World Cup. But allowing players and coaches to break their contracts. And move to new clubs outside soccer’s traditional winter and summer windows was potentially far more problematic.