Ernesto Valverde praises Barcelona as favorites to win the Copa del Rey.

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Ernesto Valverde praises Barcelona as favorites to win the Copa del Rey and has a better chance of winning than Athletic Bilbao.

Athletic Bilbao coach Ernesto Valverde has expressed his humility by hailing Barcelona as the favorites to win this season’s Copa del Rey before the two teams play. Face each other in the round of 8 teams this Wednesday.

Visiting the San Mamés Barria arena is never an easy game for Barcelona. Meanwhile, Athletic Bilbao has also performed well in the past, but Valverde is still humble by lifting. Let the Azulgrana team be superior and be the favorites with a chance to win the Copa del Rey this season. 

‘I want to be the favorite. Because that means that in the last 10 years we won five titles and we are above them in La Liga, but the fact is they won many titles,’ Valverde said.

‘Barca are the current La Liga champions and that makes sense. They haven’t lost any away games yet. They are not only favorites in the cup. But they are also the favorites to win the competition. They are a great team. And that must be taken into account.’

Although Barcelona have come under criticism in recent weeks for their performance, Valverde sees Xavi Hernandez’s side as dangerous opponents who are ready to hurt his side one day. This Wednesday.


‘Look at the latest game, which is the most obvious reference. I saw they did well, they got 3 points at the end of the game. It comes from behind and that creates a double image.’

‘On the one hand, maybe they didn’t do very well. But on the other side The opponents are having a very long game because Barca are a team that is under a lot of pressure.’

The famous Basque team’s coach also sees both Ferran Torres, who scored a hat-trick in the last game, and 16-year-old forward Lamine Yamal as the main threats for his side one day. This Wednesday.

‘They are a team that pushes you back. Because they have a lot of possession. And they still have people who invade empty space. With players in their prime such as Ferran and Lamine.’

‘Even if you play very well and do very well. It is possible that you will not be able to advance because Barca can decide the game at any time.’