Diogo Jota gets foul on Oliver Skipp, not a good tackle.

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Diogo Jota has admitted that his horrific foul on Oliver Skipp was not a good tackle. But insisted that he did not intend And it’s only bad luck football.

“It was a big moment for the team. A last-minute winning goal is always a day to remember. For everyone involved here it will be a special game.”

“Being 3-0 is something we have to improve on because it is so unacceptable. That it becomes 3-3 and believe that we will score goals Luckily we can do that for everyone.”

Asked what had changed with the 3-0 lead, Jota said: “They did it in the last game. They trailed 2-0 at halftime. and can draw in that game. We knew a 3-0 lead wasn’t over yet, for us it wasn’t the best second half. But in the end we won. Which is the most important thing.” UFABET

At the same time, the Portuguese national team forward also said of the team’s four consecutive victories: “Winning four games in a row is very important. Especially at this time of the season when everything is decided. We must move on. And now we have another game at Anfield. and it is necessary to gain an advantage.”

Asked if he was fortunate to only get a yellow card for a horrendous foul on Liverpool star Oliver Skipp, he replied: “It wasn’t a great tackle. I still touched the ball. I think he also lowered his head. It was his courage. Unfortunately, it was a foot and a face. I saw that the referee probably saw that I hadn’t done it on purpose. And it’s just football.